Who is sarah brightman dating

09-Oct-2017 21:32

"I have the sort of round face that you complain about when you're younger, but which serves you well as you get older," says Sarah with a giggle, as she settles down beside me and plays mother with the teapot. And not only is she basking in the satisfaction of having sold more than 26 million albums and two million DVDs in 34 countries - as a pioneer of pop opera - but she also has a sexy new boyfriend, 41-year-old Bulgarian-born, German-raised Louis Oberleander.

Next Saturday Andrew Lloyd Webber will celebrate his 60th birthday with a lavish party, but his ex-wife is unlikely to be having an operatic hissy-fit at not being there.

But when I achieve my goal, I feel suddenly and totally stressed.

Only in retrospect can I begin to enjoy the moment and admit just how great it was.

Not long ago, a friend offered to take one of her cars for a service. "It may have looked fabulous but those were the days of rather cheap, coarse material. All the time I was on camera, I was dying to scratch," she whispers conspiratorially.

Buried under a blanket in the boot, he found that self-same, though now slightly mouldy, silver siren suit from when she fronted the saucy dance troupe Hot Gossip. "It was my sparkly Mary Quant outfit," Brightman says. In the intervening years, Brightman has sold more than 26 million albums and two million DVDs in 34 countries, with a musical style that fuses opera, pop and jazz.

"I was quite middle-aged when I was younger," she says.

"I always felt older than my years, maybe because I was married to someone older.

Remember all those expressions from the 1960’s and 1970’s (and some people still use today)? The white man does have all the power, in being with him a black woman gets the inside track on what around this guy. He’s not going to argue over every little nutty issue like a black man will. Nothing I made happen, it’s just my personal experience.

"I think it's typical of women when they love someone that they move themselves into that person's life and go with that.

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