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Flash forward to 2015 and this “condition,” has been used as fodder for many thought pieces, with SF techies being the modern day target.

Back in the day, PPS could have been the diagnosis of choice for those damned hippies and my gay male brethren.

The funds necessary to fly 16 girls cross-country so they can sleep four to a room is nothing compared to the sums that disappear when hotly anticipated start-ups go bust. Social connections, on the other hand, are commodified: Fist bumps are mandated, “friends” are declared, and Dating Ring members provide feedback after every date to help laser-focus the next.

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Thanks to their youthful rebellion—what would come to be known in the public lexicon as “counterculture”—the city's reputation as a bastion of progressive thought and free-flowing liberalism was cemented. The ‘70s in SF were perfect for Peter Pans of every ilk to arrive with tight jeans and handlebar moustaches, ready to live a life of gaiety and freedom.That technology has allowed us to so thoroughly interrogate, define, and perhaps redefine our feelings is simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting — much like spending a weekend with strangers in a new time zone.