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Rookwood pottery was made in Cincinnati, Ohio, beginning in 1880.

All of this art pottery is marked, most with the famous flame mark. The name and some of the molds were bought by a collector in 1982. In 2004, a group of Cincinnati investors bought the company and 3,700 original molds, the name, and trademark.

Throughout Rookwood's years they mastered such diverse styles as Victorian, art nouveau, arts and crafts, and art deco.

From the very beginning, Rookwood pottery's production and quality standards exceeded virtually every other American art pottery manufacturer.

Contemporary pieces are being made to compliment the dinnerware line designed by John D. Pieces are marked with the RP mark and a Roman numeral for the four-digit date.

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So how do we tell if a Rookwood piece was made after 1900? Directly below our Rookwood-company stamp with 14 flames we see a second date mark used used from 1901 forward; in this case the Roman numeral “XX.” For this piece, it means it was made in 1920, “XX” meaning “20” in Roman script. Below this date mark we find the number “917C.” This is the shape number, with the letter “C” indicating the size.

In this article, I’ll take you through the process and show how things like dates of production and the artist or decorator can be determined. The first thing we see is the Rookwood company stamp—the back-to-back “RP” marking used on pieces made from 1886 until the company closed in 1967.