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It lacked an air vent and separate chinstrap, while the webbing arrangement was simplified.

Instead of the helmet sitting low over the nape of the neck it was worn more level on the head.

Dorrell The US M1 helmet is perhaps one of the most iconic items of military equipment, made famous not only in period photographs from the Second World War and Vietnam, but also from numerous war films such as the D-Day epic, .

It was during the First World War that the need for a modern combat helmet was first recognised.

SCHUBERTH helmet are continuously further developed. Thus, we can adapt head protection to the most diverse requirements and application areas.

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The first worker protection helmets, military helmets and police helmets followed.

These covers were first used during WWII in the Pacific. The idea was if you were close enough to read the number through your scope, the soldier with the number was dead. This is actually a Canadian surplus helmet and cover. Another M1 era item is this OPFOR (Opposition forces) "helmet", made to look somewhat like the Soviet Ssh 40 and its derivates. Here is the helmet mounted harness with its five sensors and electronic unit.

The net is secured under the arms, with four long cotton ribbons. I now know that this ERDL cover, with its four large numbers, was used for basic combat training purposes. The "-83-" in the second row is the year of the contract. This particular individual has two stamps, partly overlapping... The MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) was the first U. Army combat training system using laser emitters and sensors.

Either I'm missing something or this isn't a particularly good system.

Apparently they where never used, since we can now buy them, still unused. The picture below shows the back of the cover with the soldier's name written on top of the cable flap.This is a net of the same form as the one above, but with different mesh. M-1 Helmet in World War II, Schiffer Military History, 1996, ISBN: 0-7643-0074-1. The two straps, for securing dust goggles, are attached to the helmet shell.

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