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Forerunner of Bethlehem Steel Company, United States Steel Corporation, and other late 19th and 20th century steel companies, the Cambria plant became a model for the industry. This enormous contribution signaled the end of America’s reliance on British-produced rails and allowed the expansion of the nation’s railroad network.

In the late 1800s Johnstown attracted the best and brightest minds in the industry, notably William Kelly, George and John Fritz, Daniel J. Before Cambria’s founding in 1852, only a very few small-scale blast furnaces and foundries existed in Johnstown.

With the arrival of the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1854, Johnstown became an ideal location for the Cambria Iron Works.

After a few difficult years the company took off, and by 1858 it had become one of the nation’s largest producers of rails.

After the flood, Johnstown firefighters went looking for their hook and ladder wagon.

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Founded in 1852, the Cambria Iron Company of Johnstown made an important contribution to American industrialism – it is considered one of the greatest of the early modern iron and steel works. These men advanced iron and steel technology through invention and industrial design in Johnstown, work which was widely copied by other iron and steel companies.Limited seating, Please RSVP here Sat February 7 Sarasota, FL– (941) 545-5635. vegan potluck, Lecture presentations: Anne Dinshah on Everyday Peace: Dynamic Harmlessness for Today’s World and Dr. suggested donation; with potluck contribution.