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One of the “The Nice Guys of OKCupid”: And some comments from my friend’s Facebook thread: Further, calls for women specifically to be sympathetic I find to be further evidence of the heterosexist socio-sexual norms which assert that women should perpetually be open to men’s advances even if they are unwanted (which, again, is the logic behind what is often called “rape culture”) and therefore I reject them. Niceness, they make clear over and over again, is a mere tactic, a tool that they were promised would work to give them access to women’s bodies.

Their anger, in other words, is that their own deception didn’t work as they had hoped. · Let’s be clear: I don’t think “men” need to be “defended” the way that Bill O’Reilly thinks Christmas needs defending — which is to say, as if we were blind to history.

Indeed, if academic achievement is equated with success in […] " How effectively a manager will perform on the job cannot be predicted by the number of degrees he holds, the grades he receives in school, or the formal management education programs he attends.

Indeed, if academic achievement is equated with success in business, the well-educated manager is a myth.

Would you agree that these women are dangerous “man haters,” and that their “sexual entitlement,” evinced by their desire for love but their failure to admit they aren’t worthy of it, is so noxious to the community that it has to be routed out through public sexual shaming of this particular sort?

Would you even know what the hell I’m talking about?

Some readers were taken aback by Brooks’ seemingly faux self-flagellation over taking somebody with *merely* a high school diploma into a sandwich shop with fancy names.

Without fail, Twitter reacted with jokes; lots of jokes.

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Academic achievement is not a valid yardstick to use in measuring managerial potential.Men who hold advanced degrees in management are among the most sought after of all university graduates.

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