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Details of how an item worked – the mechanics of the design – were protected by patents of invention.The system used for registering designs changed as different Acts were introduced, which can sometimes make finding designs complicated.Prior to that date, an estimated 9,957 patents had been issued.Defensive Publications (T) and Improvement patents (AI) are not included in this table.

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Registration protected the decorative elements of the design from being copied and manufactured without permission.Where there were no specifications, the details of the grant recorded in the Patent Rolls were transcribed.These printed specifications and transcriptions are held by the British Library.From 1711, specifications (providing full working details of the invention) began to be enrolled in a different place after the issue of the patent. Up to October 1852 the Court of Chancery was responsible for the enrolment and issue of patents of invention, and the enrolment of specifications, safe-guarding intellectual property rights in England and Wales.

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The Patent Office (now The Intellectual Property Office) took over this responsibility when it was founded in 1852.The tables in section 6 should help you find the right records.