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Results from the South Fork Hoh highlight the importance of transport environment and sedimentary facies on solar resetting.

Sediments from better-sorted, ice-distal environments were determined to be more completely bleached and more reliable for OSL dating.

Immigrants turned gold miners, stole millions of dollars worth of gold and other minerals, while the true stewards of the land were confined to the borders of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

The US Mint's gold Sacajawea coin, Navy boat, parks and statues continue to be a slap in the face to the descendants of Sacajawea who are still livng as refugees in Fort Hall, Idaho.

Since 2006, First Lady Nancy Schweitzer and the Montana Department of Transportation have installed nearly 50 roadside geological markers.

Each interpretive sign describes the geologic and paleontological wonders of the Treasure State to help share Montana’s story.

Download a printable bookmark of Montana's Geologic Roadsigns!

Click on the symbols below for details on Montana's unique landmarks: View/Download a PDF of the roadsign The canyon along the Kootenai River exposes rocks of the Belt Supergroup, which consists of sandstones, called quartzites, and thin layers of hard mudstones or shales.

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A carbonatite here, a glacial moraine there, a zig-zagging fault or two, even a behemoth of a batholith.Terrace deposit ages were provided by 14C dating of charcoal fragments and optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of sandy sediments.